Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hey! Where's our HHG?

At some point, I'm going to write an Army acronym dictionary.  Army Acronym for Dummies, or for Spouses, better yet for Household 6.  I once asked Mark if he knew what all the acronyms meant and he admitted that he had to look one up every once in a while. 

The most important acronym in a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) move is HHG, house hold goods.  Remember a while back our HHG left New Limerick, weighing in at 7,700 pounds?  Well, today was the day that it was supposed to arrive in Carlisle.  Supposed to.  But here I sit on my make-shift couch made of pillows on the floor in the living room.  Hey, at least there is carpet.

Let me back up about a week.  Last Thursday, I was at our house in Hartland thinking that there was no way that I was going to get the Hartland house packed and ready for our most amazing house sitters.  I was still going though stuff and weeding out things that I haven't needed for the past one and half years while living in New Limerick, thinking that I probably just don't need it.  Mark decided to call the moving company to check in and make sure that we were on the schedule for delivery of our HHG on the 11th, which is today.  She checked, said at first it was scheduled for the 16th, then found the note saying the 11th.  She thought we'd be all set, but would get back to us.  Friday comes and goes with no word, so Mark calls again Saturday.  After speaking to several people who really didn't appear to know what they were talking about, he found out that the 11th might still be a go.  Well, that didn't happen.  They are saying our stuff will come on the 16th.  Guess someone dropped the ball.  Oh, well.  I have decided that this is kind of like camping but more luxurious.  There is central air here.  And carpets.  And a very easily accessible bathroom, as well as all the amenities of a real kitchen, but with out all the dinnerware or cookware.  That's where it goes back to being like camping. 

 But I have to say being here is so nice.  The past few weeks of wrapping things up in Maine have been stressful.  Last Friday, Mark turned in his cruiser.  He said that felt a bit like retiring and it wasn't a good feeling.  I think his cruiser is more of an extension of him than he realizes.  Monday the girls had a dentist appointment and we left to head south right after that.  It was great to get in the car and know that all our Maine responsibilities were completed and we could focus on settling into our new digs in PA.  Our friends from Houlton created a game for Julia and Hope to play on the ride down, complete with challenges and auctions for goodies.  Thanks Tim & Amy!  We loved it!  The ride down was uneventful and we arrived yesterday afternoon, met with the realtor and signed the lease.  We had clothes with us along with an air mattress and sleeping bags for all, knowing that our first night here we'd be roughing it.  So, roughing it will be a bit longer than expected.  At this point, a bit of R&R (rest and relaxation) is a welcomed change for us!   

Road trip + coffee!!!  Yes, please! 

Julia's creation from pipe cleaners that were a part of the game given by the Witmers.

One of the parts of the Witmer game was for the girls to make silly hats.  After the completion of the hats, they had to get us to wear them at the next rest stop for 5 minutes in order to gain more points.  Don't we look lovely?!

Arrival at our house in Carlisle.

The girls were so excited to have their own rooms, but this is where the prefer to be...together!

Living room (I'm standing in the dining room)

Dining room and kitchen

Our room


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