Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spring and a New Truck!

Ahh!  The weather is warming up!  Soccer has started.  Flowers have grown.  Spring is Carlisle is bug free!  This in and of itself is amazing for this family who is used to black flies!  Here are some soccer pics of the most adorable soccer players and some beautiful flowers.

NEW (to us) TRUCK!!  Isn't it pretty?!

My girls.  I'm so thankful for these ladies.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Regimental Ball

Best part about being an Army wife?  Balls.  I think it's more about the preparation than the actual event, although, don't get me wrong, the event is amazing, but the dress shopping, the uniform fitting, the accessories shopping...totally fun!  The USAWC Regimental Ball was held at the Hershey Hotel.  We took the kids, hit Hershey Park, duh!, and enjoyed time with friends and time with family.

We visited the Hershey muesum and found out many wonderful things about Mr. Hershey and his generosity that continues until today.  Makes me feel good about buying Hershey products...speaking of chocolate...I need to find some....  Ooops, sorry...I digress.  We also visited the Hershey Gardens.  Beautiful!!

We hurried back to the hotel from Hershey Gardens to get ready!!  Oh, yay!!  I love this part!!

New Mess Dress.

All ready to go!


Seminar 10

The girls of Seminar 10

New Jersey State Police Pipe and Drum Team.  Weren't we excited when we saw them!

Such a dark picture, but such a great friend!  I miss you Nikki Olive!!

A picture of a picture, corny, I know, but it turned out great!
What an amazing night.  I danced and danced and Mark and I were even able to get in some of our newly learned dance steps.  The Cha-Cha-Cha was the one that was used the most, complete with spins and all the fancy moves that we learned.  Maybe the reason I had such a good time, is the only reason I was there was to have a good time.  I had no responsibilities.  I had no planning.  All I had to do was be there.  Sigh.  That was nice.  It was wonderful to hang out with the girls of Seminar 10 and other friends we made and kick back a relax.  We all got a huge surprise when Siga, the IF's wife from Senegal, knew the Electric Slide better than most of us!  Before I knew it, it was 11pm and time to pack up.  So fun!  What an awesome memory of being all together.

The day after the ball was Mother's Day.  What a perfect place to celebrate...surrounded by chocolate!  I ate my fill, believe me!!

Julia and I rode this, Skyrush, and what a rush it was!!

On the chairlift.  So fun!

Goodbye Hershey Park!  We love you!