Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter and Basketball!

Winter has set in in Central Pennsylvania.  Don't get me wrong, we are not experiencing cold like Maine.  Or snow like Maine.  I love being able to wear my fleece and feel fine while people all around me are zipped up in their furry parkas, shivering.  You can pick out the southerners in the winter.  I went to the commissary at a time where there are people, but it's not crazy busy, only to find it crazy busy.  One of my California friends was there and she asked if I was shopping to prep for the big snow fall.  Then I realized why there were so many people and I knew full well that the shelves of bottled water, bread, milk, eggs and toilet paper would be sparsely stocked.  I told her that I didn't realize that we had snow coming and she replied with huge eyes..."Yeah! We are supposed to get two inches!!"  I laughed and she then giggled, remembering who she was talking to.  It has been fun to make fun of people and then show them pics of the day we took sleds up on the roof.

That would be Kyle Butler (nephew) on the sled with his brother, Jake, standing to the left, in February 2011 in Houlton, ME.  We got about 18" of snow overnight.
This is a picture of what closed down Carlisle Barracks for the day.  We were all very excited that Daddy had a snow day, but I hope that you all laugh as hard as we did.

Yup.  Slush.  Grass peeking through...although the use of the work "peeking" is laughable, right? 

So, amidst all these "blizzards" and freezing temps, not sure if we hit freezing, but it would look like it seeing everyone bundled, the girls started basketball!  The schedule was a bit easier than the 4 night a week soccer schedule, and it helped move the winter along a bit.  Julia played basketball back in Hartland several winters ago, but this was Hope's first season.  They both are doing great and are enjoying it.  Julia is on a team with 4 boys, no girls, but seems to be holding her own.  She seemed a bit intimidated at first, but found her aggressive spirit.

These shoes were MADE for Julia!!  Pink and purple.  Once we saw these, there was no other shoe that would do!

Nice shot, Hope!!!

Check out the wings on #10!

These three made a plan!  It was so stinkin' cute to see them work it out!!

This is a little Seminar 10 battle.  Haseman vs. Brooks

Julia at the foul line.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Break

Oh, Christmas Break...I love you!

From the very beginning of school, Mark has had a goal of getting his SRP turned in before Christmas Break.  SRP, translation: big paper.  I think it stands for Student Research Project.  Or is it Senior Research got it!  It's Strategic Research Project.  Yup, learning all about strategy this year.  Mark's SRP is something that can be applicable in both his careers, Maine State Police and the Army Reserve.  It has to do with ground protection with in our borders.  Our military cannot use force on its own people, per Passe Comitatas.  If you have no idea what that is, you are in good company.  Found this Wikipedia link to explain a bit about it.  It's quite interesting and worth the read to educate yourself on this important Act.  All that to say...IT'S DONE!  First draft was turned in before break.  Ahh!  No pressure to write and read on break!

We had a great Christmas.  My parents were able to spend the holiday with us here in Carlisle.  It was great to be together.  We missed being with the Brooks Fam back in Maine, but new memories were great fun.

Mark lighing the advent wreath on Christmas Eve



I called this "Christmas Carnage"

It snowed on Christmas morning!!!  It didn't accumulate, but it did snow!

After having a wonderful Christmas, Mark, the girls and I headed out to Kentucky, to the Creation Museum.  What an amazing place Ken Ham and company have created for Creationists.  Amazing!  We were able to be there for their last weekend of Christmas Town which consisted of a live nativity, narrations from Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, Mary, and the wise men.  The girls even got to ride on a camel.  Inside the regular part of the museum, we learned more about Noah's ark and the flood, along with Creation, dinosaurs and snakes, oh my!  It was a wonderful place to visit, Mark described it as Disney-like, and we can't wait to be able to go back for a visit.  Maybe this time during the summer, there are beautiful gardens surrounding the museum which aren't in bloom in December.

This was inside a full scale model of the Ark.  There was only a small section there, but they are raising funds to build a full sized replica of the Ark.

I think she was much too excited about holding this snake.

Burmese Python named Daisy.  I think only the little people in this picture were excited about holding this beast!

This was a replica of the inside of a tabernacle that would have been typical in towns in Jesus' day.

Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Part of the set of Christmas Town

Camel riding!!

The smiles after camel riding!

Beautiful lights!

On the way home we were able to stop at the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA.  It was cold and windy and snow was coming down, but we are Mainers, this is how we like it.  It was amazing and beautiful and felt like hallowed ground.

The rock sits just behind the crash site.

This wall has the names of all the heroes that died that day.

Looking down toward the crash site
There weren't very many other brave souls there that day...

It's been a great Christmas break here in Carlisle, one that was needed and appreciated.